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    Hire wheelchairs from Perth Rentals Hire.

    Hire a wheelchair from Perth Rentals Hire. We have low rental rates and a rent-to-own program. When you hire from us, you get free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

    At Perth Rentals Hire we have wheelchairs for hire. You might need a wheelchair for a short period of time to get over an injury or assist a visiting elder. If you hire from us, you can choose from attendant wheelchairs, which are pushed from behind only by an attendant and cannot be self-propelled, or a collapsible wheelchair, or a self-propelled wheelchair. Please take a look at our selection of wheelchairs and their individual characteristics. You may want to look for the breaking mechanisms, for instance attendant breaks on some models, and also comfortable, padded seats. We also give the dimensions of the chairs and the seats, and the maximum user weight so you can figure out if a particular wheelchair is suitable for you intended user.

    We can arrange in most cases free delivery the next day after you call us to arrange your rental, so please call us now and book your wheelchair for rent. Please note that we also rent out mobility scooters for anyone wanting a motorized method of transportation.

    Wheelchairs are the kind of product you want to buy under a Rent Enjoy Own program, such as the deals available at Perth Rentals Hire. This is because you might not want to commit to a large purchase that affects your daily life such as a wheelchair without trying it out first. If you rent a wheelchair from us and find out you enjoy it, you can arrange to own it. Call us today to find out more.

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