Hire a Washer from Perth Rentals Hire, Top and Front Loaders

Hire a washing machine, either top loading or front loading, from Perth Rentals Hire. Low rental rates, rent-to-own option. Hire from us and get free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

We have several different washing machine models available for hire from different brands and with a range of different features. Our washing machines range in capacity from regular 5 kg capacity washing machines to large 7 kg machines. Larger washing machines are best when you need to clean lots of laundry: you can do fewer loads and save time, energy, and water with a larger capacity washing machine. We also have both top loading and front loading washers.

Check out the individual washing machine models we have for hire to find out more about their energy consumption, energy rating, water consumption, and water conservation rating. You can also find out more about each washing machine's features, like their wash programs and options. Popular wash programs are eco wash which uses less energy and water, and delicate wash, which gently washes those special clothing items that you used to have to wash by hand. There are also washing options for heavily soiled items, including pre-soaking, which is sometimes very helpful in getting out stains and unpleasant odors.

If you need a clothes dryer as well, you are in luck because Perth Rentals Hire also rents out a variety of dryers. We also have other white goods for hire, like fridges, freezers and more. Rent, Enjoy and Own a washing machine from Perth Rentals Hire. That's right, your rental fees can be used toward the purchase of your washing machine.

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