Terms & Conditions

Please read the information below to help you to choose the rental option that best meets your needs.

  • Our goods are categorised as follows : Brand new 12 months contract only or As New. Older units are priced separately.
  • All prices are based on a six month period or more (except where indicated).
  • Our goods must not be taken outside of the Perth Metro area (as defined by Perth Rentals Hire) at any time.
  • All brand new items are required to be taken on a 12 month rental agreement.
  • Short periods may incur a service premium.
  • All goods are subject to availability.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices shown include GST.


Customers often rent as a result of an emergency.

  • Furniture has not arrived from their previous home.
  • They have just separated from their partner.
  • The fridge, the washing machine, the freezer, the dryer, the TV has blown up, caught fire, died etc. The repair bill mayb be enormous and inconvenient and often not really worth fixing.

Not everyone wants to rent or own the cheapest, beaten up old appliances do they? We find that most people would prefer good quality or brand new goods.

We are able to help provide you with BRAND NEW or AS NEW goods almost immediately.


If your need is urgent we can deliver within the metro area in less than one working day from your phone call. If for some reason this is not possible, we will tell you right away.

Pickups are generally done on a specific day of the week in each suburb. If we book a pickup on our preferred day, after the rent due date, there is no additional cost. However, if the day we prefer is not suitable to you, we can pickup on other weekdays, provided the rental is paid up to the pick up date. It is the Renter’s responsibility to discuss arrangements for pickup, and fees apply for return visits if the goods are not available as discussed. If you need us to pick up after 4pm or on Saturday, an overtime charge will apply. There are no pickups or deliveries available on Sundays or public holidays.

Contracts may be terminated at any time by either party giving seven days’ notice. However, fees apply if you choose to terminate before the contract has expired. When goods are returned damaged, unclean or incomplete, a charge will be made to cover the cleaning or repair costs- with the exception of fair wear and tear.

Immediate service is available at all times for emergency breakdown of hired refrigeration appliances, including Christmas day and other holidays. If you need a service call for reasons other than refrigeration, we will be there in one working day - the same day if possible.

We are happy to maintain the goods in proper working order provided the Renter has no money owing on their account, and that the goods have been used in a careful and proper manner. In some circumstances services may be charged to the Client.

Breach of contract will result in forfeiture of the goods and monies paid by the Renter.

Late payment reminders incur a charge, determined by us.


Address: 400 Samson Street, Helena Valley, WA 6056 | Phone: 9379 7344
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