Hire a TV from Perth Rentals Hire. New Models, HD, plasma, LCD LED.

Hire a flat screen digital TV from Perth Rentals Hire. Television features: HD, Plasma, LCD LED, 3D, 32'', 42'', 50''. Low rental rates, rent-to-own, free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

Don't be left behind: analogue television is a thing of the past. You need a digital TV to experience high definition television programming and DVDs. You can get that experience with a hired television from Perth Rentals Hire. We have flat screen HD TVs that are 30 inches in size (measured diagonally) up to 50 inches. We have TVs that use LED LCD screens and others that are plasma. We even have a plasma 3D TV that comes with 3D glasses.

Explore our selection of televisions for hire in this section. Be sure to look at the technical specifications on each to choose the best television set for you. The size and screen technology are not the only factors to consider. Also look at the energy consumption and special technology.

When you hire an HD TV from Perth Rentals Hire, also consider renting a home theater system to make your entertainment system complete. We have a great selection of home entertainment electronics for hire. We even have a lounge set of a couch and two armchairs, if you need that as well. Give us a call and ask about our Rent Enjoy Own offer and let's figure out how to get you the rental entertainment system you want.

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