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    Hire furniture for a lounge room from Perth Rentals Hire.

    Hire lounge room furniture from Perth Rentals Hire. We have sofas, armchairs and more. Low rental rates, a rent-to-own, free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

    Perth Rentals Hire has several furniture sets for hire including for the lounge room. Whether you need a set of sofa and armchairs for your living room, family room, or you want to make your office lounge more comfortable, we have a great set for rent at an economical price. We also have furniture for hire for furnishing dining rooms and bedrooms, so please take a good look at our website to see all we have to offer.

    If you need more than just the seating to complete your lounge room, know that we have home entertainment equipment and flat screen televisions for hire as well. And we can deliver all these rentals and pick them up again when you are done (fees sometimes apply for shorter term rentals, please call us for full details). Sit back and relax in a fully furnished lounge room full of hired furniture and electronics. You will also be able to entertain friends and co-workers comfortably if you have the furniture.

    We have a lounge room set consisting of a fabric covered couch and two matching armchairs. If you need other furniture to furnish your apartment, house, or office, we also have tables, chairs, and beds to Rent Enjoy Own.

    Address: 400 Samson Street, Helena Valley, WA 6056 | Phone: 9379 7344
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