Home Entertainment and TV Rentals from Perth Rentals Hire.

Hire home entertainment electronics from Perth Rentals Hire. Home theatre audio visual systems, TVs, speakers. Low hire rates and rent-to-own. Free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

At Perth Rentals Hire we have all the home entertainment equipment you need (or really want). We have a great selection of home entertainment systems to choose from, some with wireless speakers. We also have Blu-ray players, hard drive recorders, and stereos. And best of all, we have lots of big, flat screen televisions. Your choice of LED LCD or Plasma, and we even have 3D ready plasma TV. Watch your entertainment in high definition, listen to it in surround sound, and be properly entertained.

We have a variety of brands and models of each category, including Panasonic, Sony, TCL, Samsung and more. If you just need something compact like an iPod speaker dock, we have one for rent, but don't miss out on our home theater systems and big screen TVs as well. We have DVD players, Blu-ray players, recorders, and also take a look at our game consoles. Modern game consoles also have a wide range of functionalities that cross over into the home entertainment realm. They can also download movies and television from the internet, as well as lots of other neat things.

Rent. Enjoy. Own. If that sounds like what you want to do with a home entertainment package give us a call and we will set you up.

Address: 400 Samson Street, Helena Valley, WA 6056 | Phone: 9379 7344
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