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    Hire a Freezer from Perth Rentals Hire. Major Appliances for Rent.

    Hire a freezer from Perth Rentals Hire. Chest freezers and upright freezers. Low rental rates, rent-to-own option. When you hire from us, you get free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

    While Perth Rentals Hire has many refrigerators for hire with many that have a freezer compartment, many modern homes and businesses are finding a need for a separate freezer unit.

    Modern freezers are energy efficient and easy to defrost. We carry both chest freezers and upright freezers, and both types come in a range of sizes. Our freezers range from an enormous 700 litre capacity chest freezers to compact 150 litre sized units.

    A large freezer is great for freezing bulk food and saving money. It is also good for freezing large batches of fresh produce at harvest time and reducing waste.

    A chest style freezer has a single lid that opens up, and all of our chest freezers also have interior organizing with one or more moveable baskets. An upright freezer looks very similar to a fridge, and we even rent out a freezer and a matching fridge if you want the pidgin pair.

    In order to prevent too much ice build-up, our freezers all have defrost capabilities. Some are frost-free and others have defrosting manual functions. Please take a look at individual freezers we hire out to see what features they have.

    In many cases, our customers only need to hire a freezer for a specific season, in which case hiring a freezer unit makes sense for them. While they are enjoying their freezer, they often find they want to own it. Fortunately, Perth Rentals Hire listens to what customers are demanding and offers a Rent Enjoy Own plan for freezers. Call use today to find out more.

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