Hire Fitness Equipment from Perth Rentals Hire.

Hire gym equipment from Perth Rentals Hire. We rent exercise bikes and recumbent bikes. Low hiring rates, rent-to-own option, free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

Keep fit with a rented exercise bike from Perth Rentals Hire. We have several exercise bikes for hire, so please take a look at all our different models to pick the right one for you. One the individual fitness equipment pages we list details about each bike, like what pre-set programs it has and how many levels of resistance. Lots of our bikes have programs like RPM and heart rate monitor, and some also have user controlled programs too. Some of our exercise bikes come with built-in contact heart rate monitors, and some have built-in receivers that are compatible with strap heart rate monitors you wear.

While some fitness enthusiasts like to use the different pre-programmed fitness programs to maintain interest, others like to just jump on the bike and ride. All our bike models, regardless of the brand, have a manual mode where you can do this. However, using an exercise bike, you get more control and feedback than when on a regular bike out on the road. You can control the resistance and speed you cycle at and the bike can display feedback information like your speed, how many calories you have burned, the distance travelled, watts generated, and your heart rate.

At Perth Rentals Hire we have lots of different types of exercise equipment, so please also take a look at our cross trainers and rowing machines. We even have a model that doubles as both a rowing machine and recumbent bike. Exercise bikes can be hired under our Rent Enjoy Own program.

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