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    Hire a Desktop Computer from Perth Rentals Hire. Newest PCs and Macs

    Hire a desktop PC from Perth Rentals Hire. Computer rentals with Windows 7 or 8 and antivirus software. Low rental rates and rent-to-own option. Free fast delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

    When you don't need to compromise for the sake of portability, a desktop PC is the best option to get the performance and giant screen you want. At Perth Rentals Hire we have all-in-one computers and gaming computers for hire.

    An all-in-one computer is a great piece of equipment for nearly all your computing needs, and our powerful new models will get you doing all the work and play you need. Surf the internet, send emails, watch videos and get your work done too with the pre-installed Open Office suite, which includes software for creating text documents, spreadsheets, and databases (the equivalents to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Access).

    If you are a gamer, or want to test out being one, you need a gaming PC which has the hardware to support demanding PC games. A gaming rig has an extra powerful CPU and dedicated video card to process the intense computation needed for playing today's best PC games. The best gaming computers also come with fantastic displays and speakers so you get the full gaming experience. Of course, a gaming computer is also just a great all-round computer which can be used for everything an all-in-one can be.

    When it comes to hiring a desktop PC from Perth Rentals Hire, you know the enjoyment will be the best part of our Rent Enjoy Own offer.

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