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    Hire a Computer, PC, Apple, Laptop, Desktop from Perth Rentals Hire

    Quality Computers for Hire from Perth Rentals Hire. We have low rental rates for PC and MacBook, and a rent-to-own program. When you hire from us, you get free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345

    Perth Rentals Hire has computers available for rent. Our selection includes laptops, desktops, tablets, and data projectors. We carry a range of computer brands including Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Acer. And we have data projectors from Sharp, Epson, and NEC. You may need a computer for work, or it may be for play, either way, we have a great deal for you.

    It wasn't so long ago that you did need a computer, but frankly it is just no longer the case. Internet access is a necessity of modern life and you need the right computer equipment to get you emailing, browsing, creating, and having fun.

    If you need an Apple computer product, we have a great selection for you including iMacs, MacBooks, and iPads. If you prefer PCs, we also have laptops and desktops from Compaq, HP, Acer, and others. If you need the computer for gaming, we have a gaming computer. If you need something ultra-light, we've got lots of notebooks and tablets too.

    Please follow the links to individual product pages to find out more on each product we offer for our Rent Enjoy Own program. Our technicians can also discuss tech specs such as processor speeds, RAM, Hard drive, graphics, sound, operating system, etc as well as rental terms and prices.

    Address: 400 Samson Street, Helena Valley, WA 6056 | Phone: 9379 7344
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